What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

You’ve been an angel on my shoulder these past five years.
Online marketing client The Watt Law Firm

The Watt Law Firm 

"I just wanted to say thank you — and also point out — look how far we’ve come together! I look at our website and cannot believe how fortunate I am to have you by my side. You’ve been an angel on my shoulder these past five years. No one can appreciate you more than I do."

Greg Watt, Kansas City Criminal Defense
Highly recommend. Fantastic guy, great at his job.
Marketing clients Krupp Law Firm

Krupp Law Firm 

"Highly recommend. Fantastic guy, great at his job. I hired somebody before and for weeks if not months the job was not getting done. Chris got a full website done with lots of potential to grow for optimization in around a week. He is a great communicator and understands what your business needs."

Ryan Krupp, St. Louis, MO Criminal Defense

His work is excellent and we never have to worry.

Online marketing client Cottonwood Law Group, LC

Cottonwood Law group, LC 

"After going through several other with no results, we stumbled upon Chris. His work is excellent and we never have to worry about getting sweaped under the rug. We get weekly reports and suggestions from him to better our website even more. If you are looking for SEO work, then look no further. Chris is your man!"

Toni Skelton
We work together to customize our strategy.
Online marketing client Rivera Law, LLC

Rivera Law, LLC 

"Chris is great. We work together to customize our strategy to what my firm needs."

Vincent Rivera, Kansas Criminal Defense

Effective law firm marketing strategies

Lancaster Marketing Company works exclusively with law firms. We currently work for our first client (Greg Watt) on a monthly basis. After 5 years of attorney SEO test and measure and constant continuing education we have narrowed our marketing strategies to 3 platforms where 90%+ leads are generated. The three main lead generation sources are Google Search and Google products, Facebook posts and advertising, and your own website to tie it all together.

Website Development

Law Firm Websites

There are many companies available that provide law firm website design.

Everything from super customized websites that cost tens of thousands to DIY website templates.

You can find a company at just about every level of expertise and cost.

On our website development page we go into great detail about strategy and how we build your law firms website.

We start off broad with why we use Wordpress Content Management, the themes & plugins we use, on page SEO, meta descriptions for search result pages, keyword research and much much more.

Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Google Marketing

website optimizationIf you invested $1 and got back $20 how much would you invest? Organic search engine rankings are by far the highest ROI for your lawyer marketing dollar possible. The great thing about SEO is that a great strategy can pay off for years and even decades.

Do you want to increase search engine rankings for your law firm website? Our SEO page covers every detail from leveraging off website platforms to your law firm website development for maximum SEO. 

In organic search results typically 1/3 of first page search results will be local law firms. The other 2/3 are national companies such as Findlaw, Avvo, Legal Zoom, Justia, News networks etc.

Even if you can rank on page 2 and beyond you are likely to miss out on 95%+ of potential clients.

They way we solve this problem for our clients is through a process called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Check out our SEO page for an extremely in depth look at the details of what creates a successful SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing & Ads

How we create post to make your law firms Facebook page go viral.

How we use your Facebook page to increase referrals for your law firm.

How we use Facebook to get your law firm more past client referrals.

How we effectively use Facebook reviews for marketing purposes.

How we use Facebook ads in connection with Google Search to increase new client leads.

How we target your client profiles with sniper accuracy with Facebook ads.

The best way to grow a Facebook fan page.

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Lead Generation

Content is articles, images, videos, audio files and infographics. Content marketing is the use and dissemination of content to generate client leads, past client referrals and peer referrals.

Why is content marketing important for your law firm? Content is the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy. Content is built to capture the attention and educate potential clients. Once the client has educated themselves on a relevant topic they will naturally feel your law firm has the expertise and authority to help them with their biggest problems. Content marketing allows a potential client to research and feel comfortable with reaching out to your law firm. Traditional marketing such as TV and Radio are considered disruption marketing. Disruption marketing is disrupting a client during a time they are trying to be entertained. Disruption marketing is largely irrelevant due to no searcher intent. Content marketing is built for a searcher who intends to seek out your service.

Content Marketing

Dominate your local market

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  • Family Law Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Civil Attorney
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Tax Attorney
  • Traffic Law Attorney
  • Labor and Employment Attorney
  • Contracts Attorney
  • Corporate Law Attorney
  • Disability Attorney
  • New Business Incorporation Attorney
  • Consumer Attorney
  • Intellectual Property Attorney
  • Patent Attorney
  • Trademark Attorney
  • Copyright Attorney
  • International Law Attorney
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Social Security Disability Lawyer
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer
  • General Practice Lawyer