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Google Customer Journeys: What it means for your law firm

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"Many searches are related to longer sessions that span multiple days, with people coming back to Search to find the latest updates on a topic"

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In this post we will cover the newest Google Search products and how they are evolving Google search as a whole.

Understanding Google Search and how it works gives our marketing company insights into how we should implement search engine optimization and content marketing strategies for law firms like yours.

We share that information with you here.

The now evolution of Google Search

Google search is widely understood to be a question and answer search engine. While that won't change Google is shifting into a much more dynamic search tool. Google search is becoming more of a personal assistant.

Google has been on fire rolling out a whole range of tools that create a tailored search experience.

The Google search experience is now based on search intent and not as much as actual keyword phrases.

Google is now considering where each searcher is at in their personal buying journey.

How does this affect your law firm specifically?

Some ways it does not. If you have great S.E.O (search Engine Optimization)  and a solid content marketing strategy you will probably be fine.

That said, the way we use a fine understanding of Google and how it evolves influences our marketing strategies and what content we create for our law firm clients.

A great example will be to create content that considers the steps of a clients journey while doing their due diligence before hiring a law firm.

The client journey steps may be

  1. Search a specific question.
  2. Research multiple law firm websites to check and verify relevant information.
  3. Read into specific Lawyer bios.
  4. Check social media accounts to look at activity and reviews.
  5. Check Google Maps for reviews and distance to the law firms physical business location.

We will break down the new Google search products and what that means when marketing your law firm in 2019 and beyond.

"When you revisit a query related to a task you've started in the past, we’ll show you a card with relevant pages you’ve already visited and previous queries you’ve done on this topic"

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Retracing your online journey with activity cards

Activity cards allow a searcher to retrace their online journey. We have all been to websites that provided what we needed only to be pulled away by other priorities.

The only option we had previously was to dig through our browser history which can be difficult and not very helpful.

Google now serves up an activity card when you search for similar topics so you have the option to easily pick up where you left off with a similar search.

Activity cards won't show up on every search only when Google believes it will assist you in your specific journey.

Google Collections

"Collections in Search help you keep track of content you’ve visited, such as a website or article or image, and quickly get back to it later."

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RankBrain and Neural matching

"For example, neural matching helps us understand that a search for "why does my TV look strange" is related to the concept of "the soap opera effect." We can then return pages about the soap opera effect, even if the exact words aren't used..."

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RankBrain is a machine learning (A.I.) algorithm that sorts Google search results. It helps Google process and understand search queries.

RankBrain was Google evolving from hand coded algorithm to unleashing an ever, instantly changing Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

This is how Google made the leap from keyword based search to actual search intent.

How does this affect law firm SEO?

The great news is now you can write about a topic and not worry about stuffing in keywords.

Before you wanted to avoid keyword stuffing and write for the searcher and not the search engine.

The problem was in reality to rank in Google you did have to add keywords in some weird places so the Google bot could understand the importance of those keywords.

Now with search being prioritized content can sound a lot more natural and if your law firms content better it will probably rank higher.

Although with RankBrain and Neural matching Google has become intelligent enough to calculate your law firms reputation.

Google says to focus on E.A.T


Information about building your law firms online reputation can be found on our SEO page.