Law Firm Social Media Marketing

by Chris Lancaster

August 9, 2019

Lawyers on social media


Why a social media strategy is important for law firm marketing.

Social media marketing is a true gift for lawyers when they know how to create and execute an effective lead generation strategy. An effective strategy can reach thousands of potential clients for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional TV and Radio advertising.

Many lawyers are wasting a massive amount of time and money with ineffective social media strategy.

What makes social media marketing difficult is the time it takes to understand the psychology of your client persona's. The good news is with time, trying, testing and measuring you can learn what goes viral with your audience. Viral really is just giving people what they care about. That is achieved through content + context.

A twist is that your client personas will behave and engage differently depending upon platform.

The same person will engage with your content  depending on the platform. Each platform has a specific algorithm which is a collection of rules that defines what the best content to serve to a specific entails. 

After 5 years working for attorney's I have come to learn that law firm's do not have to be on every social media website. I believe trying to do that is counter intuitive at best. It spreads time and resources thin and yields less results.

For my clients I focus on the big three when it comes to Social Media Marketing

I do consider Google MyBusiness as a social media platform. Google MyBusiness is tied into Google Maps, client reviews, posts, etc...

On this page I will do a in depth look at each platform and provide actionable strategies I use daily.

I will also make updates as each of these platforms evolve very quickly due to enforced laws, new products and features.

I will provide information in sections relevant to the platform.

Use these links to jump to the section you are most interested in

Google MyBusiness

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Likes and Followers
  • Starting and growing your Facebook page
  • Facebook Advertising Tools
  • How to get viral traffic on Facebook pages without ads?

Creating a Facebook is a must do for law firms. Facebook pages are a way for potential clients to check very quickly to see if your law firm is a legitimate local business.

Seeing your law firms reviews can build authoritativeness. Also viewing your law firms post and agreeing with your posts

After years of posting for many law firms daily I have come to understand where Facebook advertising is most powerful.

  1. Receiving past client referrals
  2. Becoming well known in your community

Your Facebook page is a community of past clients that are reminded of your firm consistently. This is your "Power Base". The second part of your Facebook page should be reaching out to the community at large to build awareness for your law firm.

Facebook advertising campaigns allow us to target these two groups and anyone who has visited your website.

If a potential client visits your website we can re-target that client with Facebook ads. Meaning the next time that person opens their Facebook app they will see your law firms ads.

This reminder builds a strong bond with that potential client and drives lead conversion rates sky high.

A Facebook page also allows your law firm to establish a personality and manage your reputation.

Your law firms branding should be reinforced with every Facebook post.

Context is just as or even maybe more important that content.

If you have amazing content but it does not resonate with those engaging it won't matter much.

My personal theory is that two polar opposite personalitys for example Joel Osteen and Eminem.

Both can fill a stadium of fans but if they switched content with each other the audience would disperse in minutes.

That's because context of the message matters.

Stay on subject and be true to your brand and personality.

That is the best way I can explain how important context is when it comes to speaking to your audience.

Starting and Growing Your Facebook Page.

There are many tools built in and built for your Facebook business page.

First I will discuss what Facebook is offering you for having a business page.

Starting from the basics to the more advanced.

On day one a Facebook business page allows your law firm to consolidate your "Power Base". Your Power Base are people closest to you. They are the ones that will always have your back no matter what. These could be family, closest friends, partners, employees, etc...

These people are called your Power Base because it is the solid foundation of where to reach out and grow from.

First connections will be most likely to give your page it's first likes, reviews and shares.

Most businesses take this for granted and want "new" eyes from day one. This is a huge mistake because when your page is empty there is little to no credibility.

Your Power Base helps create credibility. Do not be afraid to ask those that are most willing to help you with no strings attached.

Once your Power Base has been built and support has been given in terms of reviews and shares now is the time to reach out to 2nd connections.

I always build out my clients page to completion before reaching out to 2nd connections.

This includes

  • Profile photo
  • Video header
  • Business story including mission statement and/or law firm history
  • Business name, address, phone and website address correct and uniform
  • Linked to the law firms website

Once this is completed "Boosting Posts" and Post types that have resonated well with your Power base to second connections is the next step.

Boosted posts are fairly easy and inexpensive to create and push out. They also give your law firm a testing ground of what will receive most engagement for a small investment.

The first wave of Boost Posts should be to Friends of Friends who like your page.

This is an expansion of your Power Base and fortifies your foundation.

Friends of friends can see which friend likes your law firm page and are then more likely to like the page.

Page likes and reviews increase credibility and trustworthiness. Eventually potential clients who do not know any of your page fans will use your law firms Facebook business page as part of their vetting process. They will check how involved your firm is on a day to day basis. They will also check your law firm reviews while doing their due diligence of which lawyer to hire and serve their best interests.

Facebook Marketing Tools.

If you feel the need to automate your Facebook page there are hundreds of software tools available. Like everything else software is not created equal in capabilities and value.

There are tools that allow you to schedule posts for weeks even in months in advance. There also messenger bots that can walk your potential clients through a vetting process.

I've researched and tried dozens over the years and will list out the ones I feel deserve a mention.

  • Hootsuite (Manage all your social media in one place)
  • AdEspresso (One solution, all the advertising channels you need – less time spent switching from one Ads Manager )
  • Buffer (Buffer makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place)
  • DrumUp (discovers and helps you share great content to your social media accounts
    so you can start meaningful conversations with your followers.)
  • Drift Rock (Nurture customers through the entire lifecycle across Facebook, Instagram and Google to increase conversion rates. )
  • ManyChat (lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support. It`s easy and free.)
  • Likealyzer (Using AI, Likealyzer helps brands succeed on social media by providing actionable insights, not just metrics)
  • MobileMonkey (Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbots Made Easy!)

How to get viral traffic on Facebook pages without ads?

Viral content only really matters if it match context and be relevant to your law firms purpose.

After you built a Power Base and reached out to second connections enough to have momentum should you think about viral posts.

Viral posts for law firms need to also be able to send potential leads to your website.

viral Facebook posts for lawyers are interesting because there is much more interesting content than most realize.

First thing to do is find content that interesting and would make your page likes want to share.

An example for a Family Law lawyer that handles adoption would be a special needs new born child put up for adoption by an overwhelmed mother.

Facebook viral Post

When viewing the numbers on this post keep in mind this post is targeting a small town in Kansas. Having millions of engagements is really awesome but won't do this law firm much good other than bury them in worthless follow up. This post went viral in their community and that's exactly what was intended.

Creating a post like this motivated page fans to engage. It's real and truly moving.

The jet fuel is to boost this post.

The awesome thing about a viral post that is boosted is that you can reach thousands of more people in your local for .07 cents per engagement.

7 cents!

Facebook Viral

The more engaging a post is the cheaper it is to boost. The reason being is that Facebook sees this as something Facebook users are interested in. Facebook rewards these post because it makes the whole network more engaging and therefore higher in quality.

"If we serve pop up ads for Mountain Dew it won't be cool anymore."

Mark Zuckerberg The Social Network

I understand this a quote from the Social Network movie but it has aged well and proven true.

These posts get better and better because after a successful trial I receive information on the demographics that responded the particular post.

The second boost of the same post would be narrowed down those metrics that responded best and now you have returns of hundreds or thousands percent better than before.

YouTube Marketing

  • YouTube Summary
  • Position Zero

1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users upload 400 hours of videos every minute and watch 1 billion hours worth of videos per day.

As of March 2019 38% of all web traffic is going to YouTube.

YouTube videos that are relevant to keywords searched on Google is placed near the top of search result pages.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

YouTube's algorithm is especially friendly to channels. When a potential client finds your video it is highly likely your other videos will appear on their home page. If they watch another YouTube will suggest your videos to them more and more.

YouTube also auto plays similar videos including videos from your channel. If a viewer has watched your video YouTube only gives them a few seconds before they play another video from your channel.

This loop of endless content gives your law firm endless opportunity to build what Google calls E.A.T

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. That's the three broad term Google is using to rank niche experts by.

The Google algorithm is learning how to match real world experts with their content online.

If you have a massive online library of branded content naturally Google and YouTube will assume you have more knowledge in your practice areas than your competitors.

It's really not enough to just push out content and let quality suffer. Content can be suffocated by the shear volume of videos on YouTube.

I will show you how I use YouTube's algorithm and supporting data. We use this to clearly communicate to YouTube practice areas, location and your law firm's unique value to the market place.

Once your law firms unique value has been communicated to YouTube then you will see your videos being served to your target audience at scale.

YouTube and Position Zero

Position zero is what marketers are calling the featured snippets at the very top of search engine results.

Featured snippets are information from website placed directly into Google results pages.

Position zero is also what is served when searchers use voice search.

YouTube videos are prominently featured in position many times when a Google searchers asks "How to" questions.

In this example of position zero you can see the YouTube video has been placed at the top of search results.

Google has even highlighted the time snippet in which they believe will help the searcher most.

Google My Business

  • Summary
  • Local map Pack
  • Google Search Result Example
  • Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is the official Google listing for local businesses. Your law firm can claim and verify their location.

Google My Business is tightly integrated with Google Maps. Clients can leave your law firm reviews attached to your listing.

A completed optimized with great client reviews will dramatically increase your law firms chance to be ranked high in search engine results.

Local map packs are often associated with keywords linked to law firms.

If a searcher types in "lawyers near me" the results will have a local map pack included.

Local map packs are located at the top of search results directly below paid for ads.

You can see in the Google Search Result image below where the local map is located on search result pages.

In the image the yellow box represents Pay Per Click Advertisements. The red ox is the local map pack. The green box is organic search placements.

A law firm that has executed a great SEO strategy has a very good chance of showing up twice on each page. The law firm can be placed in the local map pack. The same law firm can also be placed in the site links area of the results as well. Having two placements on a search result page greatly increases your chance on a searcher clicking through to your website and becoming a lead.

the Official Google My Business Community


The below image is an example of how a law firms Google My Business profile can be displayed directly in search results.

In the example you can see Google displays

  • Photos uploaded by the law firm
  • A snippet of Google map to the law firm location
  • Links including to the law firm website
  • A link to all Google My Business client reviews
  • Business information including operating hours, address, phone number
  • There is a Question and Answers section for the public to communicate directly with the law firm. Other searchers can also respond to the Q&A.
  • Reviews from around the web. i have also seen Facebook and Yelp reviews here.
  • Google My Business most relavent reviews.
  • Google My Business posts that are similiar as a Facebook posts. These are created and submitted by the law firm on their Google My Business listing.
Google My Business profile example

Instagram Marketing


Instagram is great for being discovered in your local target market with hashtags. It's also a great platform for re targeting ads. Ads that can be targeted to visitors who have visited your website and shown an interest in your law firms services.

Adding the Facebook pixel to your website allows you to show ads to website visitors any time they log into Instagram and/or Facebook.

Instagram is a great place to establish branding and personality. The platform has more limitations than Facebook but that's what makes it appealing to many people.

We build interesting posts with professional design, compelling quotes, selected timing and hashtags that reach further and influence more.

Law firms we help win online

    • Corporate Law Attorney
    • Disability Attorney
    • New Business Incorporation Attorney
    • Consumer Attorney
    • Intellectual Property Attorney
    • Patent Attorney
    • Trademark Attorney
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    • International Law Attorney
    • Divorce Attorney
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