Online Marketing For Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Search Engine Optimization

A successful SEO strategy contains more than 200 factors. On this page I go into detail on how a criminal defense attorney can leverage those factors for quickest improvements in search engine result pages.

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Website Optimization

When building a website for a law firm there is a lot more than when meets the eye. Here I go into detail of the seen and unseen details that will make a website successful with users and search engines.

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Google Pay Per Click Ads

There are many factors that go into a successful PPC ad campaign. Understanding campaign settings, keyword strategies, and ad copy will give your law firm the edge on competition.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are so easy anyone can waste massive amounts of money on them without much return. Learn how to move past vanity metrics such as likes and comments. Advanced strategies will create new leads for less money.

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Social Media Marketing

With the amount of noise on social media you won't gain many new leads doing the same thing as your competitors. Learn how to establish your brand personality on social media.

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Content Marketing

A solid content marketing strategy can lead to a library of lead magnets over time. Learn how to build a growing content marketing strategy that will generate leads for years after creation.