Website Design & Development

Firstly, I build the foundation for your new website on the WordPress content management system. WordPress was built for blogging allowing you to easily expand the content any time you choose.

Secondly, I establish your brand professionalism through excellent user experience. We provide content and tools to website visitors to keep them on your website establishing authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

I add strategic 'Call To Actions' designed specifically to convert website visitors into leads delivered direct to you.

I install analytic programs on your website that will provide data and the ability to 'Re-Target' you marketing to website visitors.

Below I walk you through the 7 stages of our website development process.

Step 1. Design interview: Purpose, Main Goals, and Target Audience

We need to get to the bottom of who you are, what you stand for and who you stand beside.

Only then can we begin to create a design that portrays the value you offer in a way that resonates with the people who matter: the people you want to do business with.

We have a step by step process of collaboration. We start with a questionnaire that gives us a guide to your goals.

Target audience example

Step 2. Planning: Sitemap and Wireframe Creation.

Based on the websites from the questionnaire I will build a beautiful design that is functional. I will use my search engine optimization experience to create a great user experience that search engines prefer. This does not guarantee great SEO but it does start you in the right direction.

After our consultation we will have gathered enough information about your thoughts and goals.

We begin by wire framing the website. We want to launch a beautiful website while creating a structure for future growth.

We set up fast reliable dedicated WordPress hosting. We install WordPress with our chosen themes and plugins.

After 6 years of experience we have found our preferred suite of tools that will benefit your website most.

Planning website wireframe

Step 3. Set Up Hosting And The Content Management System.

Once I've planned how the website will look and feel with your approval it's time to build the foundation.

I set up dedicated hosting with the fastest server available. I purchase the SSL certificate for security. Then upload the WordPress Content Management System

Once the foundation of the website has been installed I can begin building page layouts.

This includes headers, body and footers.

WordPress Post

Step 4. Content Writing and Assembly.

This step allows us to create branding and aesthetics. The branding of the website.

On this step we choose logos, color palettes, fonts, and media.

Content writing is one of the most important steps in website development.

The depth of information you provide to website visitors will greatly affect search engine optimization.

By knowing what your audience what's to know and going deeper than competition you can rise to the top of search engine result pages.

Content writing

Step 5. Building & Assembling Your Website.

In this stage we bring all the elements together.

We build the architecture of the website.

This includes the hierarchy of content.

For a criminal defense lawyer websites it breadcrumbs should be something like this:

Home>Drug Defense>Marijuana Laws & Consequences

Breadcrumbs allows visitors and search engines understand the website.

Building and assembling a website

Step 6. Testing, Reviewing, and Launch.

After we successfully launch your website. The next step is to customize, create and implement an ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns.

Your website is like any other part of your business. To be successful it needs to grow and to provide more value to more potential clients.

Testing and reviewing your website

Step 7. Growth with Marketing and Advertising.

After we successfully launch your website. The next step is to customize, create and implement an ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns.

Your website is a lot like any other part of your business. To be successful it needs to grow and take market share from competitotrs.

Check out our pages on Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising.

Digital Marketing

On average it takes me 4-6 weeks to launch a new business website.

Case Study | The Watt Law Firm

The Watt Law Firm


In 2014 Greg Watt had a website with no traffic. He needed more targeted visitors that would convert into client leads.

I rebuilt the website with a more efffecient theme. Added tools and plugins that make the website perform more optimal. Added SEO plugins that increased search engine rankings by 2000% in less than three months.

I then created, implemented and continued to improve content and search engine optimization.

For the last 6 years, we continue to work closely together month by month generating more than 40,000 impressions and 800 clicks. Their website is now the main lead generator and ranks on the first page for thousands of high-value keyword phrases.

More than 90% of my monthly marketing and advertising partners have been working with me 'month to month' for more than 3 years.

Proposed Solution

Grow the company through online marketing including search engine optimization, content creation, and social media marketing. Establish the brand as the authority in the local area and generate client leads while staying within budget.

Result ranks #1 for thousands of keyword phrases.

Many of these keywords are broad high volume keywords that pay per click ads will charge $30 and per click.

I have been a partner with The Watt Law Firm for 6 years. We continue to grow every year.

"I just wanted to say thank you — and also point out — look how far we’ve come together! I look at our website and cannot believe how fortunate I am to have you by my side. You’ve been an angel on my shoulder these past five years. No one can appreciate you more than I do."

Greg Watt, The Watt Law Firm

Your Investment.

I've been building websites and online marketing campaigns obsessively for 6 years.

Over that time I have learned through trial and error what does and does not work.

For most businesses setting up a WordPress website with:

  • Fast dedicated hosting
  • SSL / HTTPS certificate
  • A suite of optimization plugins
  • SEO crawler plugin
  • The right caching tools
  • Strategic Call To Actions
  • and The best most in depth and informative educational content

wrapped up into an amazing user experience is a strategy that outperforms competitors.

i don't just think about building a good looking website. I set the website up for long term success.

Our Strategy:

1. Keep website visitors on the website by providing them a one-stop resource for their business needs.

2. Build expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness through incredible user experience.

3. Give website visitors a reason and a way to easily submit their contact information to directly your company.

4. Make contacting you easy through call, email or a visit to your business location.


Every business is unique with different goals. Every business is at a different stage with their online marketing.

Your goals need a custom tailor made plan to be successful.

After the initial call I will do the necessary research creating a strategy to get your business from where it's at to where it want's to go.

Our Guarantee.

Like most business purchases, there is always a level of risk and uncertainty in the success of a project.

I will work with you to lower the risks of the project.

I am available 24/7 by email and/or phone. If you have a concern or thoughts about your website please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.

I pride myself in staying in contact with partners to minimize any confusion or mistakes that may occur.

Terms & Conditions.

Terms and conditions will be in your proposal.

By setting your expectations of my performance we will minimize risk and mistakes.

Terms also help create deadlines for both sides.

I want to get your business website launched quickly and correctly.